2016 Gold Cup World Amateur Go Tournament
Final round
Match location:Xiamen Aqua Resort Hotel September 14, 2016 – September 19, 2016 Game rules: Chinese rule,all games are played even, with Black giving a komi of 3+3/4 stones. Swiss system tournament with 7 rounds Time limit: 60 minutes, 30 seconds, 3times *Note: All the participants for final round must play face-to-face at the designated place. The organizers will bear travel expenses for all players.
Qualifiers from online preliminary round + top-12 players of WAGC 2015
2016 WAGC top-12 players
* If the top-12 player of WAGC 2015 becomes a professional player, the country or region he comes from should appoint another amateur player to participate.
Qualifiers from online preliminary round
China Group: 10 Korea Group: 6 World Group: 4